Capture your ideas, refine them later, publish when ready

Ever think of something for your Twitter that you don't want to post right away? Birdhouse is the perfect place to put it.

Birdhouse won't replace your favorite iPhone Twitter client, it'll add to it. Put Birdhouse right next to your Twitter client and use them together.



Merlin Mann43 Folders

“Indispensable for the auteur mobile smartypants who loves hitting the blue tweeter and scoring that red rooster.”

John GruberDaring Fireball

“A fussy, precious concept, and the result is a wonderfully fussy and precious app.”

Jack DorseyFounder, Twitter

“Very excited by @birdhouseapp. Another feature I've been wanting, done very well and simply.”

Joshua Allen@fireland

“Birdhouse makes me feel less crazy. Or in the company of likeminded crazy people, which is good, too.”

Paul KafasisCEO, Rogue Amoeba

“If you consider what you say on Twitter at all important, you owe it to yourself to download Birdhouse.”

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