I don't get it. Twitter is supposed to be spontaneous. Why would I ever need to "draft" or "edit" anything before posting it?
Well, you wouldn't because you're perfect. But the rest of us might want to double-check spelling or find a synonym, or even think about another way to say something without losing what we've already written.
Birdhouse is supposed to be a Twitter app, right? But I can't use it to read my friends' Twitter stream. That's dumb.
That's not really a question, but here's the deal: there are many incredibly well-made iPhone apps that are fantastic for reading from Twitter. Birdhouse was built to give you more control over writing for Twitter.
Can I use Birdhouse to edit a tweet I already published? I noticed a small factual error and I might get fired.
If you published the tweet from Birdhouse, you can find it in your History, tap Unpublish, fix the error, publish again and beg for your job back. If you used another method to originally publish the tweet, you're on your own.
If I delete an account from Birdhouse, what happens to my drafts and published tweets?
If you delete an account within Birdhouse, you'll see a warning first, then Birdhouse will delete all of the drafts and published tweets associated with that account (only from Birdhouse, not from your Twitter stream). So if you'd like to keep them around, make sure to assign them to a different account first.
I see stars for ranking my drafts. Why would I want to rank my own drafts?
Stars are a quick way to find the drafts that you think are closest to publishing. But if you don't feel like ranking yourself, you don't have to. They'll stay out of the way.
I have more than one account. When I write a new draft, how does Birdhouse know which account I want to write it from?
When you set up your accounts, you designate one account at a time as the Default Account. When you're viewing drafts from all accounts at once, the new draft will be assigned to the Default Account. Otherwise, the new draft will be assigned to whichever account you've selected from the Account Picker. Of course, you can switch the account you want to publish from at any point.
Twitter says I have a certain number of followers. Birdhouse says I have a slightly lower number of followers. Are you trying to make me feel bad?
Sometimes, it takes a while for Twitter to update clients with the most current number of followers. Until then, don't think about the followers you don't have. Think about all the followers you're sure to disappoint.
You should do this one awesome feature that I'm thinking of right now. It's yours for free. I don't even care.
That's an excellent idea! Send us an email. We love your email.